About the Spartan Award

America's Defenders Foundation created this award to recognize members of the 

law enforcement community that have been engaged in a violent conflict and performed with honor and valor.  

This is our highest honor award and is traditionally awarded during the Thin Blue Line Ball each year.  Each officer is nominated by an outside source or by one of our board members for consideration.  After an extensive review of the incident and the nominated officer's actions the board convenes and votes on the recipient(s).  

We recognize that not every recipient will ultimately survive their incident and in those situations the officer's next of kin receives the award on their behalf.  

Each award is a steel spartan helmet with a thin blue line running down the right side of the face.  On the left cheek sits the officer's name, department, year of the award, and if necessary the end of watch date.  

Previous Recipients


Sgt. Michael Smith - Dallas PD

Sr. Cpl. Lorne Ahrens - Dallas PD

Ofc. Patrick Zamarripa - Dallas PD

Ofc. Michael Krol - Dallas PD

Ofc. Brent Thompson - DART PD


Det. Jerry Walker - Little Elm PD


Ofc. Matthew Pearce - Ft. Worth PD


Ofc. David Sherrard - Richardson PD

Ofc. Ann Carrizales - Stafford PD